Lunatic Gods - Inhuman And Insensible

Lunatic Gods "Inhuman And Insensible" CD

Label: Hrom
Released: 1996/1999
Style: Atmospheric Dark Metal
Country: Slovakia


1. Don´t Fuck Me
2. Empire of Black Sun
3. My Dead Friend
4. Child of War
5. Fucking Religons
6. Son of Bitch
7. The Pigs
8. Eternal Pain
9. Hate

10. Cuckoo
11. Phantom Lord (Metallica cover)

Length: 44:34 + bonus


Lunatic God´s debut album from 1996. The musical styles range from brutal death metal to a melodic doom to an almost progressive rock sound to the screaming depths of black metal.

Re-released by HROM Records with different artwork and with two bonus tracks taken from the "Cuckoo" EP.


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