Lahka Muza - V Zablesku Vecnosti (In a Flash of Eternity)

Lahka Muza "V Zablesku Vecnosti (In a Flash of Eternity)" Digipak CD

Label: Dangus
Released: 2004
Style: Gothic/Industrial/Experimental Music
Country: Slovakia


1. Signum
2. Smerovanie
3. Príbeh smútku
4. Synchrónia
5. Vo vnútri kruhu
6. K záhradám bolesti
7. Cesta srdca
8. V záblesku veènosti
9. Sigillum



The 5th full-lenght album from legendary Slovakian band presents sublime gothic-industrial darkwave with outstanding hexen vocals by mistress Gudrun Snake. Charming with sensual beauty, deep ritualism, lambent melancholia and dark sexuality this opus also unveils a peculiar sort of esoteric rhythmics.

The trim digipack CD includes 9 songs and a multimedia gallery.


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