Legion Of The Damned - Feel The Blade

Legion Of The Damned "Feel The Blade" CD

Label: Stay Heavy
Released: 2008
Style: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Netherlands


1. Nuclear Torment
2. Nocturnal Predator
3. Slaughtering the Pigs
4. Slut of Sodom
5. Feel the Blade
6. Expire
7. Warbeast
8. Disturbing the Dead
9. Obsessed by the Grave
10. Reaper´s Call

Bonus tracks:
11. Last Command
12. Mask of Terror
13. Chronic Infection (Pestilence cover)

Length: 52:00


Even though this is being promoted as the third Legion Of The Damned album, it´s actually a re-issue of Occult´s final album, 2003´s "Elegy For The Week"... with a few differences here and there. Legion Of The Damned arose from the ashes of Occult, and this album serves to reveal L.O.T.D.´s roots.


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