Lääz Rockit - Know Your Enemy

Lääz Rockit "Know Your Enemy" CD/DVD

Label: Massacre
Released: 1987/2009
Style: Power/Thrash Metal
Country: USA


1. Demolition
2. Last Breath
3. Euroshima
4. Most Dangerous Game
5. Shot to Hell
6. Say Goodbye M.F.
7. Self Destruct
8. Means to an End
9. I´m Electric
10. Mad Axe Attack
11. Shit´s Ugly

DVD: Lääz Rockit Aarschokdag, Eindhoven, 1986
1. Backstabber
2. Prelude
3. Dreams Die Hard
4. Guitar Solo
5. Forced To Fight
6. Spared From The Fire
7. Wrecking Machine
8. Caught In The Act
9. City´s Gonna Burn

Length: 41:15


One of the original San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal bands, Lääz Rockit was formed in 1982. Although one of the lesser-known groups from that scene, each album in their history has received high critical marks.

The third studio album. This remastered reissue includes a must-have live bonus DVD.


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