Lääz Rockit - City´s Gonna Burn

Lääz Rockit "City´s Gonna Burn" CD

Label: Massacre
Released: 1984/2009
Style: Power/Thrash Metal
Country: USA


1. City´s Gonna Burn
2. Caught In The Act
3. Take No Prisoners
4. Dead Man´s Eyes
5. Forced To Fight
6. Silent Dream
7. Prelude
8. Something More

Bonus tracks:
9. Fire In The Hole (Live)
10. Liar (Live)

Length: 39:16 + bonus


One of the original San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal bands, Lääz Rockit was formed in 1982. Although one of the lesser-known groups from that scene, each album in their history has received high critical marks.

"City´s Gonna Burn" is their first studio album, released in 1984. Reissued by Massacre Records with exclusive bonus material.


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