Lordi - Babez For Breakfast

Lordi "Babez For Breakfast" CD

Label: Sony
Released: 2010
Style: Hard Rock/Horror Metal
Country: Finland


1. SCG5: It´s A Boy!
2. Babez For Breakfast
3. This Is Heavy Metal
4. Rock Police
5. Discoevil
6. Call Off The Wedding
7. I Am Bigger Than You
8. ZombieRawkMachine
9. Midnite Lover
10. Give Your Life For Rock And Roll
11. Nonstop Nite
12. Amen´s Lament To Ra
13. Loud And Loaded
14. Granny´s Gone Crazy
15. Devil´s Lullaby

Length: 48:26


The fifth studio album from those legendary Finnish rock-monsters. Recorded and produced by legendary Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Metallica).


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