Leng Tch´e - Hypomanic

Leng Tch´e "Hypomanic" CD

Label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2010
Style: Grindcore
Country: Belgium


1. Wirehead Imbeciles
2. A.men
3. The Stockholm Malevolence Project
4. World State Abomination
5. Refined Torture
6. Misleading Innuendos
7. Obiter Dicta
8. Death´s Head Cockroach
9. Totalitarian
10. Anthropocentric Suicide
11. Silence is Better Than Unmeaning Words
12. Violence Does Even Justice
13. Corrosive Rotgut
14. Perfervid Odyssey

Length: 41:02


Urrrr... here´s something tasty for fans of Nasum, Pig Destroyer and Rotten Sound! Leng Tch´e hails from Belgium and demonstrates their own brand of hyper-speed and razor-sharp grindcore!


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