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Leadhaze "Black Water Path" CD
Label EastSide
Release date 2008
Style Black Metal
Country Ukraina
Price: 10.99 EUR


1. Black Water Path
2. Smog of Their Souls
3. To Surmount the Fire
4. Lead Haze
5. Roots of My Clay

Length: 40:43

Leadhaze was created by Viterzgir (Kroda, Dragobrath) in autumn 2006. The group name means “haze of lead” and is closely associated with the ideology and lyrical aspect of the band. Leadhaze´s music is inspired by the atmosphere of war and suffering and feelings of the man who is involved during war. It specifically concerns a person who is under a squall of fire dreaming about his homeland.

The main idea of the band’s music is not to create ordinary black metal but instead to use it’s darkest variety. The music of Leadhaze is slow and atmospheric but at the same time aggressive and raw.

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