Lönndom - Fälen Frän Norr

Lönndom "Fälen Frän Norr" CD

Label: Eisenwald
Released: 2007/2008
Style: Folk Metal/Rock
Country: Sweden


1. Vid Elden
2. Ripeluokte
3. Himlalågor
4. Tjåkkå
5. Stállo
6. Ripeluokte II
7. Nordafejd
8. På Fjället

Length: 45:00


A nostalgic and melancholic blend of metal, rock and fragile folk music at it´s best, forged with pure magic and mystery. A. and S. (Armagedda, Leviathan (SWE), Lik) captured songs that allow the listener to embark on a gloomy journey into the magical realms of the North.

Proper re-release of this brilliant debut album.


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