Lynyrd Skynyrd - Last Of A Dyin´ Breed (Special Ed.)

Lynyrd Skynyrd "Last Of A Dyin´ Breed (Special Ed.)" Digipak CD

Label: Roadrunner
Released: 2012
Style: Hard Rock
Country: USA


1. Last Of A Dyin´ Breed
2. One Day At A Time
3. Homegrown
4. Ready To Fly
5. Mississippi Blood
6. Good Teacher
7. Something To Live For
8. Life´s Twisted
9. Nothing Comes Easy
10. Honey Hole
11. Start Livin´ Life Again

12. Poor Man´s Dream
13. Do It Up Right
14. Sad Song
15. Low Down Dirty

Length: 45:01 + bonus


Legendary rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd releases a fiery slice of Southern style guitar rock heaven in "Last of a Dyin´ Breed".

Limited special digipak edition with 4 bonus tracks.


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