Lonewolf - The Fourth and Final Horseman (Ltd.)

Lonewolf "The Fourth and Final Horseman (Ltd.)" Digipak CD

Label: Napalm
Released: 2013
Style: Speed/Heavy Metal
Country: France


1. The Fourth and Final Horseman
2. The Poison of Mankind
3. Hellride
4. Time of War
5. Another Star Means Another Death
6. Dragonriders
7. Guardian Angel
8. Throne of Skulls
9. The Brotherhood of Wolves
10. Destiny

11. Unknown Soldier
12. Raise the Flag

Length: 58:21


6th album from the True Defenders Of Heavy Metal. "The Fourth and Final Horseman" offers powerful Heavy Metal, which is perfectly balanced between pathos, catchiness and diverse songwriting.

Limited first edition, 4-panel digipak including two bonus tracks.


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