Aeternus - Ascension Of Terror

Aeternus "Ascension Of Terror" CD

Label: Karmageddon Media
Released: 2001
Style: Dark Death Metal
Country: Norway


1. Possessed by the Serpents vengeance
2. Slaying the Lambs
3. Ascension of Terror
4. The Essence of the Elder
5. Warlust
6. Wrath of the WarLord
7. Burning the Shroud
8. Denial of Salvation
9. The Lair of Anubis

10. Dark Rage (7" version)
11. To Enter The Realm Of Legend (live)
12. When The Crow´s Shadow Falls (live)
13. The Summoning Of Shadows (live)
14. Cuchulain (live)

Length: 43:53


Aeternus has definetly overdone themselves again. Great catchy riffs and main man Ares has even managed to get deeper and deeper with his vocals. Notable for being Aeternus´s full fledged removal of themselves from their original black-metallic style and into their own style of Dark Death Metal.


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