Candlemass - Introducing Candlemass

Candlemass "Introducing Candlemass" 2CD

Label: Recall
Released: 2013
Style: Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: Sweden


CD 1:
1. Solitude
2. Crystal Ball
3. Under the Oak
4. The Well of Souls
5. At the Gallows End
6. Mirror Mirror
7. Darkness in Paradise
8. Dark Reflections

CD 2:
1. A Tale of Creation
2. The Dying Illusion
3. The Ebony Throne
4. Dustflow
5. Lidocain God
6. Tot
7. Blumma Apt

Length: 48:14/40:49


This 2-disc set contains tracks from Candlemass´ extensive discography showing the beginnings and subsequent evolution of a band destined for metal stardom.


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