Accept - Russian Roulette

Accept "Russian Roulette" CD

Label: BMG
Released: 1986/2002
Style: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany


1. T.V. War
2. Monsterman
3. Russian Roulette
4. It´s Hard To Find A Way
5. Aiming High
6. Heaven Is Hell
7. Another Second To Be
8. Walking In The Shadow
9. Man Enough To Cry
10. Stand Tight

11. Metal Heart (live)
12. Screaming For A Lovebite (live)

Length: 50:00


"Russian Roulette" shows a band on its peak. When the big ACCEPT classics are to be counted, mostly names like "Restless And Wild", "Breaker" and "Balls To The Wall" are mentioned. But the 86 output is not a iota less good!


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