Venom - Black Metal

Venom "Black Metal" CD

Label: Sanctuary
Released: 1982/2002
Style: Black/Speed Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Black Metal
2. To Hell And Back
3. Buried Alive
4. Raise The Dead
5. Teacher´s Pet
6. Leave Me In Hell
7. Sacrifice
8. Heavens On Fire
9. Countess Bathory
10. Don´t Burn The Witch
11. At War With Satan (preview)

Bonus tracks:
12. Bursting Out (60 Min+ Version)
13. Black Metal (Radio One Session)
14. Nightmare (Radio One Session)
15. Too Loud For The Crowd (Radio One Session)
16. Bloodlust (Radio One Session)
17. Die Hard (12´ Version)
18. Acid Queen (12´ Version)
19. Bursting Out (12´ Version)
20. Hounds of Hell (Outtake)

Length: 39:51 + bonus


Released hot upon the heels of their first assault under the name "Welcome To Hell" came Venom´s nearly as crucial second album, 1982´s "Black Metal", whose title alone still lends itself to the most uncompromising strain of heavy metal in existence today.

A reissue with 9 bonus tracks.


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