Tiamat - Clouds

Tiamat "Clouds" CD

Label: Century Media
Released: 1992/2012
Style: Melodic Dark/Death Metal
Country: Sweden


1. In a Dream
2. Clouds
3. Smell of Incense
4. A Caress of Stars
5. The Sleeping Beauty
6. Forever Burning Flames
7. The Scapegoat
8. Undressed

9. In A Dream (live)
10. Ancient Entity (live)
11. The Sleeping Beauty (live)
12. Mountain Of Doom (live)
13. Angels Far Beyond (live)

Video clip:
- The Sleeping Beauty

Length: 39:27 + bonus


With "Clouds" (1992) Tiamat began a new sonical journey, heading towards the dark gothic majesty of the albums "Wildhoney" and "A Deeper Kind Of Slumber". Tiamat´s death-metal-roots are still strongly present on "Clouds", but their use of acoustics and swirling keyboards further enhance their already-enthralling work.

"Death Certificate" re-release from 2012, featuring new layouts and all tracks from the rare "The Sleeping Beauty - Live in Israel" MCD.


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