Mad Juana - Skin Of My Teeth

Mad Juana "Skin Of My Teeth" CD

Label: Spinefarm
Released: 1997
Style: Twisted Fatalistic Voodoo Rock
Country: Finland


1. 6 Inch Ditch
2. Festival of Dreams
3. Red Sea
4. Deep In The Veins
5. Stronghand Mo
6. Flesh
7. 1000 x More
8. No End
9. Good Kill
10. Spell



Timewise the music of Mad Juana is today meets tomorrow meets yesterday. It is a melange of different musical styles from around the world, while at the core still retaining the heart of rock-n-roll. The songs range from a Bo Diddley driven "6 Inch Ditch", an acoustic Peruvian-celtic influenced "Red Sea" to a hard rocking "No End". Enmeshed in this plethora of music, the lyrics, written viscerally, dangle on a tightrope of bare-boned sensitivity. The songs all contain an unnerving sense of urgency carried out in a full panorama of vocal shades. Although the music cannot be labeled under normal generic music-shop classifications, you might call it twisted fatalistic voodoo-rock. Decide for yourself.

Mad Juana cannot be ignored, this is a force that is bound to succeed today and leave a permanent residue 20 years from now. God bless mad juana!


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