Machine Head - Catharsis (Ltd.)

Machine Head "Catharsis (Ltd.)" Digipak CD/DVD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2018
Style: Thrash/Groove/Modern Metal
Country: USA


1. Volatile
2. Catharsis
3. Beyond the Pale
4. California Bleeding
5. Triple Beam
6. Kaleidoscope
7. Bastards
8. Hope Begets Hope
9. Screaming at the Sun
10. Behind a Mask
11. Heavy Lies the Crown
12. Psychotic
13. Grind You Down
14. Razorblade Smile
15. Eulogy

Bonus DVD:
1. Imperium (Live)
2. Beautiful Morning (Live)
3. Now We Die (Live)
4. Bite The Bullet (Live)
5. Locust (Live)
6. From This Day (Live)
7. Ten Ton Hammer (Live)
8. This Is The End (Live)
9. Beneath The Silt (Live)
10. The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears (Live)
11. Phil´s Solo (live)
12. Darkness Within (Live)
13. Bulldozer (Live)
14. Killers & Kings (Live)
15. Davidian (Live)
16. Descend The Shades Of Night (Live)
17. Now I Lay Thee Down (Live)
18. Take My Scars (Live)
19. Aesthetics Of Hate (Live)
20. Game Over (Live)
21. Old (Live)
22. Halo (Live)

Length: 01:14:17


Offering vast quantities of style and substance, Catharsis is a 75-minute, 15-track eruption of pain and fury, hope and joy, melody and savagery.

Limited edition Digipak CD/DVD.


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