Madder Mortem - Eight Ways

Madder Mortem "Eight Ways" Digipak CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2009
Style: Atmospheric Dark Metal
Country: Norway


1. Formaldehyde
2. The Little Things
3. Armour
4. Resolution
5. A Different Kind Of Hell
6. Riddle Wants To Be
7. Where Dream And Day Collide
8. The Flesh, The Blood And The Man
9. Get That Monster Out Of Here
10. Life, Lust & Liberty
11. All I Know
12. The Eighth Wave

Length: 01:05:16


Madder Mortem´s fifth album incorporates the entire range of the Madder madness. There is rage and romance, there is grave seriousness and tongue-in-cheek humour. Most of all, it is through and through Madder Mortem Music, decorated with fantastic artwork by Christian Ruud.


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