Motörhead - Overnight Sensation

Motörhead "Overnight Sensation" CD

Label: SPV
Released: 1996
Style: Hard Rock/Speed Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Civil War
2. Crazy Like a Fox
3. I Don´t Believe a Word
4. Eat the Gun
5. Overnight Sensation
6. Love Can´t Buy You Money
7. Broken
8. Them Not Me
9. Murder Show
10. Shake the World
11. Listen to Your Heart

Length: 41:11


Motörhead´s 1996´s album "Overnight Sensation" picks up exactly where preceeding "Sacrifice" left off. Probably the band´s finest recording since "1916", it´s highlights include the ballad "I Don´t Believe a Word" as well as rockers "Civil War" and "Eat the Gun".


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