Forgotten Path - #6

Forgotten Path "#6" Ajakiri / Magazine

Label: Forgotten Path
Released: 2014


132 b/w professionally printed pages - the thickest issue so far! 23 interviews, three special articles, reports from local festivals and tons of reviews.

Nivlhel [Swe]
Anthro Halaust [Ukr]
Living Altar [Ltu]
Pestilential Shadows [Aus]
Drunemeton (ex-Heresiarch Seminary) [Rus]
“Oaken Throne Zine” [Usa]
Gorrch [Ita]
Necrohell [Gre]
Thorybos [Ger]
Graveborne [Fin]
Devlsy [Ltu]
Saligia [Nor]
Inthyflesh [Por]
Serpents Lair [Den]
Popravčí Vrch [Cze]
Inquisitor [Ltu]
Zargof [Bra]
“Grom Records” [Ser]
Slidhr [Irl]
Grave Miasma [Gbr]
Norman Shores [Fra]
A.M.S.G. [Can]
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult [Ger]


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