Forgotten Path - #8

Forgotten Path "#8" Ajakiri / Magazine

Label: Forgotten Path
Released: 2016


Definitely one of the best english-written black metal fanzines out there!
134 b/w professionally printed pages.

Qrixkuor [Gbr]
Nidsang [Swe]
Hegemon [Fra]
Awe [Gre]
Lathspell [Fin]
Inexorable End [Esp]
Thou Shell of Death [Est]
Permafrost [Ger]
Katechon [Nor]
Hells Headbangers Records [Usa]
Valdur [Usa]
Ledo Takas Records [Ltu]
Lifestream [Fra]
Khashm [Rus]
Kringa [Aut]
The Sinister Flame zine[Fin]
Mefitic [Ita]
Nahash [Ltu]
LvxCælis [Chi]

+ special reports & reviews.


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