Nailboard Magazine - #4

Nailboard Magazine "#4" Magazine

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2007
Country: Estonia


Contents: interviews with Manowar, Tharaphita and Trivium, as well as with Riho Toomra from Metal Travel Agency. The new issue also contains the second (and final) portion of the retrospective interview with the local death metal legend Aggressor as well as the conclusive chapter of the Ruja story. “A Field Guide to Spotting Metalheads” continues pigeonholing the heavy people. For those into black metal, the magazine features a story of the origins of Burzum as imparted by Varg Vikernes himself, plus an in-depth report of the notorious Ukranian black metal scene. The issue comes with the posters of Must Missa and Slayer.


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