Nailboard Magazine - #5

Nailboard Magazine "#5" Magazine

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2007
Country: Estonia


As you can see, the cover hero of this Nailboard Magazine is Peter Steel (Type O Negative). Talks of everything from sex to death cover a whole four pages. Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) responds with a similar cubage. The topic this time is mostly the darker side of Greek mythology and the new RC album. The bigwig of Master and the staple in death metal circles, Paul Speckmann, speaks of old school. The non-stoner rock band Fu Manchu is bugged briefly and the Swedish black metal band Craft gives a peek into their world bursting with nihilism. Forgotten Sunrise, Must Missa, Goresoerd and The Sin:Decay muse on their respective fresh albums. Also fitting into the magazine are a humorous Loits studio diary, the first part of a guide to metal women, a review of the Cannibal Corpse concert and an article on punk rock by Aimar Ventsel. The closing is an interview from the early nineties, picked out from the trashbin of history, with one of the most colorful figures on the Estonian metal scenery, Mart Kalvet (Mortified). From the interview you can find out what a young Kalvet hadn´t started yet besides growing a beard.
The poster space is this time shared by old friends Ozzy and Lemmy.


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