Nailboard Magazine - #6

Nailboard Magazine "#6" Magazine

Label: Nailboard Records
Released: 16.06.2007
Country: Estonia


The new issue of Nailboard Magazine, a third’s worth thicker and equipped with a sleeve CD, opens with an enquiry of Ozzy Osbourne — find out all the things that are possible to ask from the man who invented Heavy Metal! Also featured in the new issue is an interview with Ozzy’s foul-mouthed sidekick Zakk Wylde. Also Saxon and Masterplan, whose tour recently brushed Estonia, as well as the Norwegian power metallers Gaia Epicus, fly high the colours of Heavy Metal. A trip to the fountainhead of Estonian heavy music is taken together with Mihkel Raud and Hendrik Sal-Saller, this time mainly discussing Mihkel’s career in Golem and Metallist. Sturdy sections are designed to support Led R and Loits, having recently and respectively released a Zep tribute and a rather dark-toned new album. The black mood is perpetuated by the dissection of the band Mayhem together with their newest, ultra-massive output. Burial rites are administered by Priit Kenkmann in an in-depth feature delving the depths of Funeral Doom. Continuing on an apocalyptic note, Finnish Doom-Deathsters Ablaze In Hatred disembosom themselves. Rage, frustration and shame are the main themes of the interview with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, while the family called Sepultura is happy to discuss politics. Friends of Goth Metal will find thorough interpellations with Paradise Lost, regarding their back-to-the-roots new release, as well as with Liv Kristine, regarding life, love, Leave’s Eyes and their gig in Tallinn. Starting with this number, Nailboard is proud to present some new and unreleased personages in our native metal scene, this time namely Aeon Aethereal and Maleva. For appetizers, please enjoy and interview with Margus Pilt, about the only radio station in Estonia that actually rocks, as well as a retro-interview from the ancient year 1993, regarding the doings of the Indie-Pop band Bizarre, formed by the first Estonian black metallers. And naturally there’s loads of informative reviews — altogether 42 in this single issue!

Roostavaba #2

1. LOITS - Emaraud


3. THARAPHITA - Surmatalv

4. FINNTROLL - En Mäktig Här

5. GORESOERD - Like Lingerie For Hardworkers

6. GORESOERD - For Idiots All Over The World

7. MUST MISSA - The Final Destruction


9. THE SIN:DECAY - We Are All Slaves


11. MANATARK - Sirens Calling

12. CATAFALC - Hälve

13. AEON AETHEREAL - Dementia Praecox

14. ZEROMANTIC - Ascension

15. OHVRIKIVI - Through The Forest


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