Nailboard Magazine - #7

Nailboard Magazine "#7" Magazine

Label: Nailboard Records
Released: 01.11.2007
Country: Estonia


Nailboard Magazine’s seventh issue opens with an exclusive interview with Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish. Reverend Bizarre speaks, among other issues, of the Estonian island of Hiiumaa, and of the death of doom metal. Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy) elaborates on his personal feelings and other matters of the more intimate nature. The Norwegian flag of black metal is held high by Khold’s evil twin Tulus, and by the patriotic Vreid, raised to glory from the ashes of Windir. Turisas speaks of Varangians and battle metal. If you’re one to enjoy metal of a more technical kind, you’ll want to get acquainted to the Canadian metalcore-meets-death/grind outfit Despised Icon, as well as to the Norwegian allstar-prog-thrash-band Scariot. Laibach combines music with politics, culture, history and art. Henry “Suss” Hinno, the drummer of Estonia’s thrashers supreme, Must Missa, gives you the song-by-song overview of the new album. The current issue also features the already traditional retrospective; this time Nailboard Magazine is set ablaze by the vicious hatred of Mortiis, the once-bassist of Emperor (the interview was made in 1992). With the festival summer safely in the past, it is now time to review some of the more memorable events, namely Rabarock, Brutal Assault, Graspop Metal Meeting and Hard Rock Laager.


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