Pläkk - #8

Pläkk "#8" Magazine

Label: -
Released: 2006


Once again it´s time to greet all the people enjoying good music with new issue of Pläkk!

Among the covered bands are Metsatöll, U.D.O., Sex Machine, J.M.K.E., Taak, Vigilia Mortum, Gamma Ray and many more. Other things to find this time is alot of reviews, Nailboard Records mailorder catalogue and we are extremly happy announce that first time in our 7 year history we have FREE COVER CD filled with with olny good Estonian and abroad artists. This all doesn´t mean that magazine will cost more now, so go, buy and enjoy!

Roostevaba #1

Tharaphita "Sorceress"
Taak "Õiglane Jaak"
Swallow the Sun "Descending Winters"
Codeon "Fatal Collision 2004"
EchoSilence "Information Intoxication"
Manatark "Sirens Calling"
Scourger "The Oath and the Lie"
Cause For Effect "Pulsar and Pluto"
Cause For Effect "Rytmist"
Nihilistikrypt "I Hate Everything"
Must Missa "You filthy pig"
Loits "Aeg Ärgata"
Nitrous "Dominant Force"
Northern Discipline "The One"
Third Descent "Commemorate the 6th army"


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