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Biohazard "Two From The Vault: Urban Discipline / No Holds Barred" 2CD
Label Roadrunner
Release date 1992/1997
Style Rap Metal
Country USA
Price: 9.99 EUR


CD 1: "Urban Discipline" (1992):
1. Chamber Spins Three
2. Punishment
3. Shades of Grey
4. Business
5. Black And White And Red All Over
6. Man With A Promise
7. Disease
8. Urban Discipline
9. Loss
10. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
11. Mistaken Identity
12. We┬┤re Only Gonna Die (From Our Own Arrogance)
13. Tears Of Blood
14. Hold My Own
15. Business - (demo, bonus track)
16. Urban Discipline - (demo, bonus track)
17. Loss - (demo, bonus track)
18. Black And White And Red All Over - (demo, bonus track)

CD 2: "No Holds Barred" (1997):
1. Shades of Grey
2. What Makes Us Tick
3. Authority
4. Urban Discipline
5. Modern Democracy
6. Love Denied
7. Business
8. Tales From The Hardside
9. Better Days
10. Victory
11. Survival Of The Fittest
12. Blue Blood
13. Black And White And Red All Over
14. Victory (Reprise)
15. How It Is
16. After Forever
17. Tears Of Blood
18. German Lesson #7
19. Chamber Spins Three
20. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
21. Waiting To Die
22. These Eyes (Have Seen)
23. Punishment
24. Hold My Own

Length: 02:00:00

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