Abscess - Horrorhammer

Abscess "Horrorhammer" CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2007
Style: Death Metal/Grindcore
Country: USA


1. Drink The Filth
2. New Diseases
3. Poison Messiah
4. Another Private Hell
5. Exterminate
6. When Witches Burn
7. Four Grey Walls
8. Beneath A Blood Red Sun
9. Horrorhammer
10. Hellhole
11. March Of The Plague
12. The Eternal Pyre



12 lugu deathimaigulist grindcore´i mahlakas vanakooli kastmes. Legendaarse Autopsy õigusjärglase 2007. aasta album ilmus Fenrize (Darkthrone) plaadifirma Tyrant Syndicate alt.


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