Alcatrazz - The Best Of Alcatrazz

Alcatrazz "The Best Of Alcatrazz" CD

Label: Store For Music
Released: 2007
Style: Traditional Heavy Metal
Country: USA


1. Island In The Sun
2. General Hospital
3. Hiroshima Mon Amour
4. All Night Long (Live)
5. Since You´ve Been Gone (Live)
6. Night Games (Live)
7. Stripper
8. Painted Lover
9. Sons And Lovers
10. God Blessed Video
11. Mercy
12. It´s My Life
13. Dangerous Games
14. Undercover
15. No Imagination



Alcatrazz was originally formed as a vehicle for vocalist Graham Bonnet, but became famous for introducing budding guitar heroes instead, namely Swedish phenom Yngwie J. Malmsteen and ex-Frank Zappa associate Steve Vai.


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