Twisted Sister - Come Out And Play

Twisted Sister "Come Out And Play" CD

Label: Demolition
Released: 1985/2006
Style: Heavy Metal/Glam Rock
Country: USA


1. Come Out and Play
2. Leader of the Pack (Shangri-Las Cover)
3. You Want What We Got
4. I Believe in Rock ´n´ Roll
5. The Fire Still Burns
6. Be Crool to Your Skool
7. I Believe in You
8. Out on the Streets
9. Lookin´ Out For #1
10. Kill or Be Killed

Length: 39:36


As the product of early seventies´ New York City glam rock scene, Twisted Sister were eager students of the New York Dolls, with the theatrics of Kiss, the shock rock of Alice Cooper and the heaviness of NWOFBHM thrown in for good measure.

The fourth album of the band, now digitally remastered. Reissued in 2006 by Demolition Records.


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