Alcest - Les Voyages de l´Ame

Alcest "Les Voyages de l´Ame" CD

Label: Prophecy
Released: 2012
Style: Black Metal/Shoegaze
Country: France


1. Autre temps
2. Là où naissent les couleurs nouvelles
3. Les voyages de l´âme
4. Nous sommes l´emeraude
5. Beings of Light
6. Faiseurs de mondes
7. Havens
8. Summer´s Glory

Length: 50:24


With his application of Slowdive and Yann Tiersen to Burzum, multi-instrumentalist Neige, the mastermind of Alcest, has created a musical concept for himself that is nothing less than revolutionary, mixing black metal with dreamlike shoegaze rock.

"Les voyages de l´âme" ("The Journeys of the Soul") is Alcest´s third album and contains the quintessence of the group´s creative work to date.


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