A Perfect Circle - aMOTION

A Perfect Circle "aMOTION" DVD/CD

Label: Virgin
Released: 2004
Style: Alternative Metal
Country: USA


1. Judith (Unedited music video)
2. 3 Libras (Video)
3. Weak and Powerless (Unedited video)
4. The Outsider (Edited video)
5. Thinking of You (Video)
6. Pet (Video)
7. Blue (Contest winner´s video)
8. The Noose (Live video)
9. Imagine (video)
10. The Outsider (Director´s Cut video)
11. Blue (A Runner-up´s video)
12. Blue (B Runner-up´s video)
13. Blue (C Runner-up´s video)
14. Bikini Bandits Experience (Trailer)
15. Bikini Bandits Save Christmas (Trailer)
16. Bikini Bandits Sauvent Le Monde (Trailer)

1. Judith (Renholdër Mix)
2. 3 Libras (Feel My Ice Dub Mix)
3. The Outsider (Apocalypse Remix)
4. Weak and Powerless (Tilling My Grave Renholdër Mix)
5. The Outsider (Frosted Yogurt Mix)
6. Blue (Bird Shake Mix)
7. 3 Libras (All Main Courses Mix)
8. The Hollow (Constantly Consuming Mix)
9. The Hollow (The Bunk Mix)



Ameerika alternatiivmetali supergrupi 2004. aastal ilmunud DVD/CD-sett.


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