Music On Vinyl vinyl LP-s
Original soundtrack "Vikings 2" Gatefold 2LP
Label Music On Vinyl
Release date 2014
Style Film score
Price: 24.99 EUR


Side A:
1. War is Coming
2. Battle of Brothers
3. Bjorn┬┤s Choice
4. Vikings Return Home
5. Rollo┬┤s Trial
6. Ragnar Says Goodbye to Gyda

Side B:
1. Rollo Tries to Regain Ragnar┬┤s Trust
2. Vikings Attacked
3. Jarl Borg Attacks Kattegat
4. Ragnar Reunites with Family
5. Ragnar, Bjorn Sneak into Kattegat
6. Battle for Kattegat

Side C:
1. Jarl Borg and Ragnar Make Peace
2. Aslaug in Pain
3. Ragnar Describes the Blood Eagle
4. Ragnar Meets Ingstad
5. Aslaug Gives Birth
6. Athelwulf is Ambushed
7. Athelstan Translates Scrolls
8. Vikings Retreat

Side D:
1. Vikings Mourn Their Dead
2. Porunn┬┤s Metaphorical Swim
3. Horik Propositions Floki
4. Horik Asks Floki to Kill
5. Horik Watches Game
6. Feeding Rollo Poison Mushrooms
7. Erlendur Shown Sword of Kings
8. Horik┬┤s Forces Attack
9. Killing Horik - King Ragnar


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The soundtrack for "Vikings 2" features selections from the original music of the second season of the series composed by award winning Canadian composer Trevor Morris.

180 gram audiophile vinyl

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