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Ramones "It´s Alive" Gatefold 2LP
Label Music On Vinyl
Release date 1979/2013
Style Punk Rock
Country USA
Price: 23.99 EUR


Side A:
1. Rockaway Beach
2. Teenage Lobotomy
3. Blitzkrieg Bop
4. I Wanna Be Well
5. Glad To See You Go
6. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
7. You´re Gonna Kill That Girl

Side B:
1. I Don´t Care
2. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
3. Havana Affair
4. Commando
5. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
6. Surfin´ Bird
7. Cretin Hop

Side C:
1. Listen To My Heart
2. California Sun
3. I Don´t Wanna Walk Around With You
4. Pinhead
5. Do You Wanna Dance
6. Chainsaw
7. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World

Side D:
1. Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy
2. Judy Is A Punk
3. Suzy Is A Headbanger
4. Let´s Dance
5. Oh Oh I Love Her So
6. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
7. We´re A Happy Family

Length: 54 min.

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Clocking in at just under 54 minutes, "It´s Alive" is jam-packed with classic Ramones material, 28 songs in total. Recorded on New Year´s Eve in 1977 at the Rainbow Theater in London.

180 gram audiophile vinyls

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