Nazareth - Rock´n´Roll Telephone (Deluxe Ed.)

Nazareth "Rock´n´Roll Telephone (Deluxe Ed.)" Digipak 2CD

Label: Union Square Music
Released: 2014
Style: Hard Rock
Country: Scotland


1. Boom Bang Bang
2. One Set of Bones
3. Back 2B4
4. Winter Sunlight
5. Rock ´n´ Roll Telephone
6. Punch a Hole in the Sky
7. Long Long Time
8. The Right Time
9. Not Today
10. Speakeasy
11. God of the Mountain

Bonus CD:
1. Just a Ride
2. Wanna Feel Good?
3. Big Boy (live)
4. Kentucky Fried Blues (live)
5. Sunshine (live)
6. Expect No Mercy (live)
7. God Save the South (live)



23. stuudioalbum Shotimaa raskerokilegendilt Nazareth. Plaadi Deluxe Edition digipak sisaldab lisaketast 7 lisalooga.


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