Necrophobic - The Third Antichrist

Necrophobic "The Third Antichrist" CD

Label: Hammerheart
Released: 1999/2011
Style: Death Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Rise Of The Infernal [MySpace]
2. The Third Of Arrivals [MP3]
3. Frozen Empire
4. Into Armageddon [MP3]
5. Eye Of The Storm
6. The Unhallowed
7. Isaz [MP3]
8. The Throne Of Souls Possessed
9. He Who Rideth In Rage
10. Demonic
11. One Last Step Into The Great Mist



Agressiivne, kiire ja meloodiline rootsi black/death-metal. 1999. aastal ilmunud kolmanda stuudioalbumiga "The Third Antichrist" jätkas Necrophobic äärmiselt ühtlaste ja tugevate kauamängivate rida.


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