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Necrophobic "The Third Antichrist" CD
Label Hammerheart
Release date 1999/2011
Style Death Metal
Country Rootsi
Price: 8.99 EUR


1. Rise Of The Infernal [MySpace]
2. The Third Of Arrivals [MP3]
3. Frozen Empire
4. Into Armageddon [MP3]
5. Eye Of The Storm
6. The Unhallowed
7. Isaz [MP3]
8. The Throne Of Souls Possessed
9. He Who Rideth In Rage
10. Demonic
11. One Last Step Into The Great Mist

Length: 44:20

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Cold and melodic death/black metal done right. "The Third Antichrist" is another classic by the Swedish death-metallers Necrophobic, making this their third utterly fantastic release in a row.

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