Nightfall - Lyssa: Rural Gods And Astonishing Punishments

Nightfall "Lyssa: Rural Gods And Astonishing Punishments" Digipak CD

Label: Black Lotus
Released: 2004
Style: Dark Gothic Metal
Country: Greece


1. Dark red sky
2. Swollen
3. Christless
4. Master of my dreams
5. The perfect li(f)e
6. The end times
7. Synastry
8. One of these days
9. Victimized
10. So(u)l invictus
11. Essence

Length: 40:28


Together with Rotting Christ, Septicflesh and On Thorns I Lay, Nightfall were among the few first Greek Metal bands who gained international praise and recognition in the nineties.

"Lyssa:...", Nightfall´s 2004 album, is a collision of gothic sounds, haunting atmospheres, death rock tempos, melodic lead guitars and ancient lyrical concepts. George Bokos (Rotting Christ) on guitars, George Kollias (Nile) on drums.


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