Naer Mataron - River At Dash Scalding

Naer Mataron "River At Dash Scalding" CD

Label: Hammer Of Damnation
Released: 2003/2016
Style: Black Metal
Country: Greece


1. As The Clouds Of War Gather
2. The Continuity Of Land and Blood
3. The Great Meridian Tide
4. Revolt Against The Modern World
5. The Life And Death of Europa Part I. Cosmogonia (Life) Part II. Kalki The Avenger-Lightning And The Sun (Death)
6. The Triumph Of Will
7. Ancestor-Worship
8. Salvatores Dei
9. The Plunderer (Ved Buens Ende cover)
10. Steppe

Length: 54:33


Greece’s black metal veterans returned in 2003 with a new satanic black metal effort. Around one hour of pure brutality, violence in the purest Greek Black Metal tradition...

2016 reissue by Brazilian label Hammer Of Damnation. Comes with a 16 page booklet.


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