Novembers Doom - To Welcome The Fade

Novembers Doom "To Welcome The Fade" 2CD

Label: The End
Released: 2002/2004
Style: Death/Doom Metal
Country: USA


CD 1:
1. Not The Strong
2. Broken
3. Lost In A Day
4. Within My Flesh
5. If Forever
6. The Spirit Seed
7. Torn
8. The Lifeless Silhouette
9. Dreams To Follow
10. Dark Fields For Brilliance

CD 2:
1. For Evert Leaf That Falls
2. The Jealous Sun
3. Dawn Breaks
4. Lost In A Day (live)
5. Not The Strong (live)

Within My Flesh (video clip)

Length: 54:56


Re-release of one of the top doom/death albums that has ever come out of USA. Includes a bonus CD with the out of print EP “For Every Leaf That Falls”, 2 live tracks and a live video of "Within My Flesh".


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