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Nihil Nocturne "Wahnsinn. Tod. Verrat." CD
Label NCU
Release date 2006
Style Black Metal
Country Saksamaa
Price: 10.99 EUR


1. Licht, Verzehre Mich! [MySpace]
2. Conjuring The Tyrant Of Hell
3. Psychophant Relic
4. Gnosis Und Nacht
5. Demon Of The Threshold
6. Dysangelist Fix
7. Succumb, Host! (The Glory Of Death, Bound To His Sigil And Sword)
8. Ch.a.oe - Kathedralimpuls

Length: 49:13

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Nihil Nocturne 'Necrohell'
10.99 EUR

Trve fucking German black metal, raw and necro, yet cleverly structured with acoustic and keyboard parts. The second studio album, released in 2006.

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