Novembre - The Blue

Novembre "The Blue" Digipak CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2007
Style: Gothic/Doom Metal
Country: Italy


1. Anaemia
2. Triesteitaliana
3. Cobalt of March
4. Bluecracy
5. Architheme
6. Nascence
7. Iridescence
8. Sound Odyssey
9. Cantus Christi
10. Zenith
11. Argentic
12. Deorbit

Length: 01:07:27


Following the success of 2006’s "Materia", a highly successful blend of atmospheric, emotional and progressive rock/metal elements, comes the studio recording titled "The Blue". Featuring an even greater dynamic and twists of doom/gothic which brings to mind classic bands such as Opeth, Paradise Lost and Anathema, Novembre are about to impress all fans of the genre.


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