Nuclear Assault - Third World Genocide

Nuclear Assault "Third World Genocide" CD

Label: SPV
Released: 2005
Style: Thrash Metal
Country: USA


1. Third World Genocide
2. Price of Freedom
3. Human Wreckage
4. Living Hell
5. Whine and Cheese
6. Defiled Innocence
7. Exoskeletal
8. Discharged Reason
9. Fractured Minds
10. The Hockey Song
11. Eroded Liberty
12. Long Haired A$$hole
13. Glenn´s Song

Length: 40:33


Nuclear Assault were among thrash metal´s most socially aware groups, making room for serious subject matter in their careening speed metal riffing. At their late-´80s peak the band released some of the most uncompromising thrash metal offerings of the time. "Third World Genocide" is their first studio album in 10 years.


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