Nattvindens Gråt - A Bard`s Tale

Nattvindens Gråt "A Bard`s Tale" CD

Label: Solistitium
Released: 1995
Style: Dark/Doom Metal
Country: Finland


1. Introduction
2. The Road Goes Ever On
3. The Echo
4. Skyfires Dance
5. Towards The Sea
6. Song Of The Tide Waves
7. A Lonely October Night
8. Storming The Soothsayer
9. Vagabond´s Dusk
10. The Two Oaks

Length: 47:00


Formed by the members of the Finnish black metal act Darkwoods My Betrothed, Nattvindens Grat´s music is a fairly unique take on heavy/dark/doom metal with fantasy-based lyrics, epic pianos-keyboards and the mix of clean male/female vocals. Features Nightwish´s Tuomas Holopainen on keyboards.


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