Nightwish - Wishmaster

Nightwish "Wishmaster" CD

Label: Spinefarm
Released: 2000
Style: Symphonic Power Metal
Country: Finland


1. She Is My Sin
2. The Kinslayer
3. Come Cover Me
4. Wanderlust
5. Two for Tragedy
6. Wishmaster
7. Bare Grace Misery
8. Crownless
9. Deep Silent Complete
10. Dead Boy´s Poem
11. FantasMic

Length: 53:37


Gothic influenced orchestrated power metal with the metal world´s most talented female singer Tarja Turunen behind the mic.

"Wishmaster" is Nightwish´s third release, a worthy follow-up to the breakthrough album "Oceanborn", which was released 2 years before.


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