Nadja - Skin Turns To Glass

Nadja "Skin Turns To Glass" CD

Label: The End
Released: 2003/2008
Style: Experimental/Drone Doom
Country: Canada


1. Sandskin
2. Skin Turns to Glass
3. Slow Loss
4. Untitled

Length: 01:19:55


Nadja´s music has been described as drone metal, ambient doom and shoegazer, incorporating influences from such diverse artists as Swans, Godflesh, My Bloody Valentine & Codeine. The band combines soundscapes, electronics, atmospheric vocals with snail-crawl, epic riffs & dirge-like percussion, tempering the cacophany with a certain ethereal melodicism such that the listener is enveloped in a sublimating wall of amorphous sound.

For Fans of: My Bloody Valentine, Jesu, Godflesh, Sunn O))), Earth, Om, Pelican, Swans


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