Nocturnal Rites - Lost in Time - The Early Years

Nocturnal Rites "Lost in Time - The Early Years" 2CD

Label: Century Media
Released: 2005
Style: Power/Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden


CD 1: "In A Time Of Blood And Fire"
1. Sword of Steel
2. Skyline Flame
3. Black Death
4. In a Time of Blood and Fire
5. Dawnspell
6. Lay of Ennui
7. Winds of Death
8. Rest in Peace
9. Dragonisle

10. Lay of Ennui (demo)
11. In a Time of Blood and Fire (2004 version)
12. Winds of Death (2004 version)

CD 2: "Tales Of Mystery And Imagination"
1. Ring of Steel
2. Dark Secret
3. Test of Time
4. Lost in Time
5. The Vision
6. Warrior´s Return
7. Change the World
8. Pentagram
9. Eye of the Demon
10. End of the World
11. The Curse
12. Burn in Hell

13. Living for Today (demo)
+ 11 minutes "10th Anniversary" video enhancement

Length: 01:55:42


Nocturnal Rites celebrate their 10th anniversary with a double CD set containing their first 2 albums, "In A Time Of Blood And Fire" and "Tales Of Mystery And Imagination", along with rare bonus tracks and special re-recordings.


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