No-Man - Speak

No-Man "Speak" CD

Label: K-Scope
Released: 1999/2004
Style: Progressive/Art Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Speak
2. Pink Moon
3. Iris Murdoch Cut Me Down
4. Curtain Dream
5. Heaven´s Break
6. French Tree Terror Suspect
7. River Song
8. Riverrun
9. The Ballet Beast
10. Night Sky Sweet Earth
11. Life With Picasso
12. Death And Dodgson´s Dreamchild

Bonus track:
13. The Hidden Art Of Man Ray

Length: 50:54


A re-mastered collection of timeless pre-beat ambient songcraft from 1988-89, given a full issue in 1999 and mixing the New Music transcendence of the likes of Arvo Part and Gorecki with the sublime and rarified atmospheric territory of Talk Talk, AR Kane and Cocteau Twins. An album of densely organic soundscapes, quiet ambition and heartfelt emotionalism, Speak is that rare thing, a work of genuine beauty and substance.


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