Neige Et Noirceur - L´Abime Des Jours, L´Ecume Des Nuits

Neige Et Noirceur "L´Abime Des Jours, L´Ecume Des Nuits" CD

Label: Dunkelkunst
Released: 2007/2010
Style: Ambient/Black Metal
Country: Canada


1. L´Abîme Des Jours, L´Écume Des Nuits
2. Loin des Hommes, Prêt des Bêtes

Length: 38:04


Neige Et Noirceur (meaning "Snow and Darkness") is a one-man ambient/black metal project from Canada, playing in style with influences from such winter music artists as Vinterriket and Paysage D´Hiver. The music contrasts freezing, primal black metal with similarly cold and dark ambient passages.

"L´Abîme Des Jours, L´Écume Des Nuits" was officially released as a demo back in 2007, but could be easily considered as a full-length album.


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