No-Big-Silence - Starstealer (Ltd.)

No-Big-Silence "Starstealer (Ltd.)" 2CD

Label: NBS
Released: 2009/2010
Style: Electro/Industrial Rock
Country: Estonia


CD 1:
1. Chain Me
2. Starstealer
3. 505 Signs Of Chaos
4. Kiss The Beast
5. Plastic Cabaret
6. Radioactive Paradise
7. The Bone Man
8. Flashback
9. Neuropathic Pain Control
10. Cut The Cord

CD 2:
1. Cut The Cord (Tiger Milk Remix)
2. The Boneman (The Oldschool Pop-Punchy Remix by DIGITAL DIGITAL)
3. Neuropathic Pain Control (Gorenation-Blues Remix by t.a.U.K)
4. Kiss The Beast (cut by Tallinn Daggers)
5. Plastic Cabaret (DND Remix)
6. Flashback (Ta Vie Remix)
7. Starstealer (Leslie Da Bass Remix)
8. The Boneman (Kinkymint Insectivorous Remix)
9. Plastic Cabaret (Handlebars Remix)
10. Starstealer (Zorganized Remix by ZORG)
11. Cut The Cord (Albummashup Version by fade:over)
12. Radioactive Paradise (Mimicry Remix)
13. 505 Signs Of Chaos (We Stayed Silent Remix by Tanel Roovik)
14. Plastic Cabaret (reinterpretation by SININE)
15. Kiss The Beast (Tiiu Kiik Remix)
16. Chain Me (Cylon Rub Album Edit)
17. 505 Signs Of Chaos (Forgotten Sunrise Remix)
18. Cut The Cord (Sethh Remix)



The limited double-disc edition of Estonian electro/industrial-rockers No-Big-Silence´s 2009 output "Starstealer". The second disc features 18 remixes by different Estonian musicians and bands, among others Sinine, Leslie Da Bass, Forgotten Sunrise and Mimicry.


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